Can you help Rozy go go college ?

by Paul Temple
Rozy is a 20-year-old Tanzanian girl who currently works as trainee guide at Mikumi National Park in Tanzania, East Africa. She is dedicated to her work and it is her burning ambition to attend a 4-year course on African wildlife and park management at the renowned College of African Wildlife Management in Mweko, near Kilimanjaro.

We met Rozy when we visited Mikumi earlier this year during one of our regular visits to Tanzania on behalf of The Luhimba Project which has been supporting a remote village there for over 20 years. We were so impressed by her knowledge of Tanzanian wildlife and her obvious love and enthusiasm for the work she is doing. We decided we would like to help her gain the qualifications she needs to pursue a career in this field. With your support we could make this possible.

Poverty in Tanzania is acute, and without sponsorship Rozy would never achieve her ambition. Her father died earlier this year and her mother cannot work due to illness. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to know we could have such a positive and immediate impact on her life, giving her the opportunity to achieve her ambition?
During the past two years Rozy has already completed successful work placements at Serengeti National Park, the Ngorogoro Crater, Tarangire and Manyara National Parks, as well as Mikumi, giving her the experience and qualifications necessary to gain a place at the college.

You can help Rozy by making a one-off donation of any amount you choose or by sponsoring her for just £4 per month for any period from I to 4 years. I visit Tanzania twice a year, so would be able to give you regular updates on her progress. We will pay her fees direct to the college, and 100% of the money raised will be spent on her education, with nothing deducted for administration or expenses.

Please see the sponsor form for details of how to pay.

Paul Temple
The Luhimba Project (Reg Charity 1084849) Email: luhimba