During the past decade the local brick making industry has flourished in this part of Tanzania.

Villagers cannot afford to buy commercially made bricks so they make their own locally.

The bricks are all made by hand. The clay is dug up, pressed into wooden moulds and the wet bricks are left to dry in the sun.
Once they are dry they are stacked, covered with wood in a makeshift kiln and burned for 1 -2 days.
Brick-built houses are now rapidly replacing the traditional mud huts. Roofs are made of grass or corrugated sheets.
Several thousand bricks have been needed to build the new secondary school. To meet this demand each of the six ward villages has set up a brick-making compound around the school site and each village has agreed to make and supply an allocated number of bricks.
This is a wonderful example of the community working together for a common need.