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The Luhimba Project...
And Your School

  • Would your school like to help Luhimba and know how every penny you raise is spent?
  • Would you like a real, ready-made multicultural link which will benefit your school as well as the schools in Luhimba?

Paul Temple is one of the project leaders and an ex primary school headteacher. He visits Luhimba every year and has built up an excellent working relationship with the villagers.

Helen Sweet is a primary school teacher and is currently teaching in Tanzania. She has been involved in the Luhimba Project for the past three years. Paul and Helen set up the Luhimba Schools Sponsorship Scheme following their visit to the village in 1998.

Background to the Sponsorship Scheme.

In 1992 there was one run-down primary school to serve the whole area. The school was overcrowded, there were insufficient desks with children having to sit on mud floors, and the fabric of the building was very poor. Over the past seven years the project has been able to help the villagers upgrade the building, provide sufficient desks with the help of the village carpenter, cement the floors, plaster the walls and repair the roof. This school now has 400 pupils on roll. 

Four years ago the villagers decided they needed another primary school in the outlying district of Likarangilo so that the children from this area did not have to walk 3 miles to school. The project helped them achieve this and Likarangilo Primary School now has 350 children on roll.

The nearest secondary school was 30k away in the town of Songea and very few, if any, of the Luhimba children had the opportunity to receive any secondary education. In 1998 the villagers discussed with the project leaders the possibility of building a secondary school to serve not only Luhimba but the other villages in the ward and the surrounding area. They wanted a school that would help the students with vocational skills (carpentry, metalwork, dairy farming, sewing etc) as well as academic qualifications. The villagers and the project leaders worked together to make this possible and Phase 1 of the school was opened in April 1999 with 40 students.

All three schools in the village are well run and the heads and staff are eager to provide the best education they can for the children but resources are minimal. There is a desperate need for maths and science equipment, and teaching aids of all description.

Hence the need for this appeal. Participating schools are asked to raise a minimum of 50 per year for three years to help resource the Luhimba schools. In return they receive the benefits listed below. If you would be interested in being part of the Luhimba Project and would like to find out more, the e-mail address is:

Every penny raised goes to help the schools. It is the policy of the project leaders not to deduct anything for out-of-pocket expenses, administration etc. Visits to the village are made at our own expense.

How can you help Luhimba?

  • By raising just 50 a year for the next three years!

It could be a very worthwhile challenge for your children, and so rewarding to see the results of their labours having such a direct, positive and immediate effect in a developing country.

We would be pleased to receive sponsorship at any time during the year, and it could be sent in smaller amounts if preferred.

What can we offer you in return?

  • An illustrated presentation on Luhimba

  • A set of photographs with notes

  • The loan of a collection of Tanzanian artefacts (carvings, jewelry, paintings, batik, toys, musical instruments, kangas, hats)

  • A ready-made, real multicultural link where every penny raised buys much needed resources for Luhimba`s schools

  • An increasing range of teaching resources.

Lucy Komba, a pupil at Luhimba's school, describes her day.
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