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The Luhimba Project:
Joseph Simsokwe

Joseph Simsokwe is a local Tanzanian who attended government agricultural college for two years and then returned to Luhimba itself as Agricultural Extension Officer for the Luhimba Ward.

Since taking up this post in 1990, he retains an avid enthusiasm for extending the scope of his knowledge and, supplied with books by project leader Paul Temple, has been the driving force behind much of the development which has taken place. He lives on a smallholding, about a mile out of Luhimba village, with his wife and four children, and is a member of the village council.

He now performs most of the duties elsewhere associated with an agricultural vet, but also fulfils wider roles. He advises the local population on all matters agricultural - primarily cattle, crops and fertilisers, but he has plans for the diversification of local agriculture into poultry, bee-keeping and the farming of fish.

In 1994, Joseph started the heifer project with six cows and one bull; there are now 47 cows altogether within the project.
After demonstrating that they are able to give adequate care, and erecting a suitable shelter to given specifications, a family wanting a heifer applies to a committee on which Joseph serves as a member. Calves born to the heifer are then given to other families. 
A cattle dip, paid for by the Luhimba Project, was installed in the early days but was not a success under local conditions. Joseph developed a new substitute system, with periodic spraying of cattle on site during regular visits - weekly in the cool season and twice a week in the hot season.