Nguluma Secondary School

Nguluma Secondary School is a new school serving the six villages of the Gumbiro ward, of which Luhimba is one. Its name is made up from the initial letters of all the ward villages.

The school was built by the villagers themselves, under the supervision of Saidi Ntini, one of the project leaders.


The bricks were made by the villagers and they also supplied the labour.

The school opened in February 2002 with 80 students on roll.
As with all Tanzanian secondary schools, the students pay an annual fee.

This is an area of extreme poverty, and very few, if any, of the families could afford the fee.
For this reason, the project has set up a sponsorship scheme to help the young people of the area receive secondary education for the first time.

It was decided that we try to find sponsors for all the students, paying half their annual fee, with the families raising the other half.

At present we have approximately 80 sponsors, and we now urgently need more. Numbers in the school have already increased to almost 200
Our sponsorship scheme works very simply, like this:

* Sponsors pay £60 per year (or £5
per month). This provides half the
school fee with an amount
left for books and equipment

* You can sponsor a child from 1 to
4 years
* You will receive a photograph and details of
the student you sponsor, so you can
correspond with him/her. (If you wish to
remain anonymous, this will, of course, be

* Every penny of your sponsorship goes to
help your student.
Nothing is deducted for
administration or expenses. The money is
transferred to a school bank account set up
specifically for the sponsorship.

* The scheme is registered under Gift Aid,
which enables us to reclaim tax on all
donations from donors who are taxpayers.
One of the classes and staff
Presentation of new football kit donated by St John's Football Club, Weston-super-Mare.
Headteacher Norbert Mbelle and two students - France Komba and Esha Nyoni - who are being sponsored by the Weston & Somerset Mercury.