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The Luhimba Project:
Clean Water

During the past six or seven years 19 water pumps have been installed with the help of the Danish aid agency, DANIDA so that water-borne diseases have reduced, an no-one now has to walk more than 500 metres for water.

The supply of water to the secondary school currently comes from a simple, dug well. This is a temporary arrangement and far from satisfactory.

The school needs a ring-well with a storage tank, and this is a priority in the future building programme.
Before the project started in 1984, the villagers obtained water from a stream.

Water-borne diseases were common, and the villagers saw the provision of clean water as a priority.
The first hand-operated water pump was installed
in the late 80s, and in 1991-2 the project worked with Danida to provide more water pumps around the village.
There are now 19 pumps, all working, with a villager trained to carry out repairs and maintenance.

This year the project hopes to raise over £2,000 to instal a ring-well for the school
Three project volunteers learn how to carry water !